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Call Forwarding

Protect Your Personal Numbers with Call Forwarding

In this day and age, there is almost nothing that people cant do. In terms of call management, for example, they can give away a phone number that doesnt really exist, except as a route that leads to their real phone number. If youre wondering how exactly this is going to benefit you, the ways are many. However, there is one benefit that youll always appreciate in every call forwarding scenario – protection for your personal numbers.

How Does Call Forwarding Protect Your Personal Numbers?

Call forwarding is a telephone service that enables a person to use a certain number which isnt really connected to a telephone. Rather, this number serves as a pathway through which calls made to it can be forwarded to the subscribers number connected to a landline or cellphone. Therefore, with call forwarding, you need not disclose your real phone number or numbers to people. You can simply give them a series of digits assigned to you by a call forwarder, and you can continue to receive calls on your phone without divulging your real information. There are two main benefits you enjoy in this scenario – privacy and security.

Protecting Your Personal Numbers for Privacy

If youre a very private person then call forwarding is definitely for you. This is especially true in certain circumstances when your privacy seems to be a luxury. For example, if you have just opened a small, home-based business, you dont need to go around giving people your real phone number. Getting a separate phone line might be too costly either, so the more practical option would be to subscribe to a call forwarding service. This way, your customers, associates and other people who want to do business with you can continue to do so, while you continue reserving your real phone number or numbers to your most trusted friends and relatives.

Protecting Your Personal Numbers for Security

It is no secret that some crimes are committed partly because people have not been careful with their phone numbers. As soon as a criminal takes hold of a targets contact information, anything is possible. This is why protecting your personal number might just be important, especially if you deal with the public a lot, or if you are engaged in a business or activity where your security is a main concern. With a call forwarding service, people wont know your real phone number, but you can still get information on the calls you receive, such as the phone number making the call, the time the call was made and possibly, the location of the person calling.

The world has changed a lot indeed, and while technology has given people more power than theyve ever had in their hands, it has also made them more vulnerable in many ways. Whether the objective is to manage calls with privacy, security or both, call forwarding services can surely help. However, as not all call forwarders are created equal, it is important that the right considerations are made before choosing which company to trust.

Balikbayan Boxes Through Lbc

Filipinos coming back from the states (or from other countries outside of the Philippines) often carries with them a big box from which many Filipinos call the Balikbayan box.A Balikbayan box
is just an ordinary box containing a number of things like canned goods, clothing, perfumes, soaps, shampoos, shoes, toys, household items, or any kind of things that could be used by their families, relatives, and friends.

Though often shipped by freight forwarders specializing in balikbayan boxes by sea, such boxes can be brought by Filipinos returning to the Philippines by air. A Balikbayan box
intended for air travel is designed to conform to airline luggage restrictions and many Filipino stores carry them. Some boxes come with a cloth cover and side handles. Others are tightly secured with tape or rope, and thus not confused with an ordinary moving box more lightly wrapped.

Some courier companies in the Philippines was founded for the purpose of assisting Filipinos in delivering their balikbayan boxes back to their families and loved ones in the Philippines. One of those of those courier companies is LBC. Started as a brokerage and air cargo agent in the 1950’s, LBC or Luzon Brokerage Corporation grew into a fully operational cargo forwarding service provider that first introduced the 24-hour air cargo delivery service. Specializing in delivery and courier services, LBC’s one true service is offering the fastest and most reliable Balikbayan boxdelivery services for Filipinos working abroad.

Because of their trusted services built upon years of successful courier service, LBC soon became a respected leader offering fast and reliable Express Courier and Money Remittance service throughout the Philippines. Today, LBC offers the widest coverage and network with over 600 strategically located branches nationwide.

Being in the forefront of innovation, LBC supported the growing needs of migrant Filipinos and their families by offering new services and establishing new businesses. In setting up LBC Development Bank in 1995, LBC offered banking products that helped Filipinos manage their financial resources and options. Online shopping and delivery to the Philippines were made available through , photo printing & delivery nationwide through Digiprint as well as fresh flowers delivery anywhere in the Philippines through Flowers Express. LBC carries on advancing and fulfilling its mission to reach out to the global Filipino community that will ultimately make the world a smaller place.

Application of the Law of Attraction to Your Thoughts

Rhonda Byrnes best-selling book, -The Law of Attraction,- revealed umpteen things concerning how our thoughts determine what our way of life may be. The reasoning of The Law of Attraction states that that which we project towards the universe directly comes back to us to affect how we live either positively or negatively. It’s the old adage of, -What goes around comes around.-

Building a better life by thinking through yourself suggests that you should rid your head of pessimism and thought processes about issues that are occurring or that are imminent happenings in your own life. You develop into whatever you think about most of the time. Understanding that, you can see that your mind could possibly have an immediate force on your life.

So, modify your approach and you’ll alter your life. That’s not as easy as you may think. In the same way winning a gold medal in the Olympics needs time and practice, the same is true for thinking positive thoughts in order that it becomes a habit in your own life.

Here are some -Law of Attraction- ways to turn your mind around and acquire what you would like out of life:

1. Think as to what you wish. Do you require a new career? A fantastic relationship? Reduce weight? Then, you will need to think as if it’s already there as opposed to the wishing and the loss you’re feeling of not having those things. How does one act if you are CEO of your personal company? What types of clothing could you wear if perhaps you were thin? Picture yourself in those scenarios and think deeply about how exactly it would feel and how others would view you. Really feel those feelings. Keep practicing and the feelings will eventually turn into reality in the event you put action behind the ideas. 2. Think of emotions including gratitude, passion and love. These are definitely positive thoughts which will invite positive things and reactions into your life. The trick here is when something happens that’s negative in your life – although you’re thinking positive – it’s important to be the one to get control rather than let the negative happenings take control of your life. 3. Create positive thought patterns. Positive thinking exercises makes it possible to attract more of what you desire. Whenever you think it over consciously, your unconscious mind starts to create situations thats liable to bring people and circumstances that you’ll require into your life.

There are many ways to exercise your mind toward positive thinking. Online help is available, as well as some very well-written books concerning topic. Begin now to take advantage of the Law of Attraction to change your life in to the best it can be.

Watch the video at

Is Roi Unlimited Legit – Read Before Joining Roi Unlimited

Joining the right team in any network marketing business is ultimately going to determine if your successful in the long-term Joining the right ROI Unlimited team is no different, and it’s actually more vital to your success than in other companies. Because with the 2X3 Matrix they use,you will rely on your team to help you fill your matrix and cycle out faster.

Here are the 3 criteria you need to investigate when choosing the best ROI Unlimited team for YOU.

#1.) Leadership

Leadership is the number one charecteristic you need to look for in your ROI Unlimited team Because If you want to reach the level of success you want in life, you need to take the advice of someone who is already there and can show you the exact steps for take in your journey to success.

Remember, the person you join with is going to be one of the biggest influences when it comes to the future success of your business. Becoming successful doesn’t happen by accident. Your mentor needs to know exactly what you need to do to reach your goals in this industry.

Most people join ROI Unlimited blindy, with their fingers crossed. They spend the majority of their time finding out everything about the company and no time looking at who will actually be teaching them the skills they need to be successful in a business. Your training needs to come frim a mentor who knows the “ins and outs” of marketing and whatever business you choose.

#2.) Marketing Training

Unlike what most people think, the “amazing” business you join means nothing if you don’t know how to market it. Most people get into an “amazing” business, burn out the friends and family list, and that’s where their journey ends because they have no idea how to market. Wow, does that sound like a the way to run a business? If you want to be successful you can’t spend your time calling junk leads and pitching random people on the street.
It amazes me how many people still call random leads and try and pitch them on their business. A guy just called me the other day and before even asking memy name, he was already tring to sell me some new magical juice. Long story short, I pointed him in a more effective direction for marketing his juicy-juice.

When you learn to market the “right way,” it will become very fun and rewarding. Imagine having people call you all day wanting to know more about YOU, and begging to join your business. Never having to “tell and sell” anyone, make a single cold call, or even talk to a prospect who isn’t already interested in what you have to offer. That is the power of doing business on the internet, and if you join the right ROI Unlimited team, you will never have to “tell and sell” anyone ever again.

#3.) Complete Sales Funnel

Automation is the key to wealth and freedom. Setting up a marketing system that “tells and sells” and follows up with you prospects on autopilot allows you to only have to connect with the people who are already interested in you offer. The problem with most systems online is they are too focused on selling the “system,” and not focused enough on selling YOU!

When everything is said and done, who do you want your leads to join? You want them to join you,not some lousy system, the goal is to build a long-term relationship with your prospects.To do that you have to show them who you are by making some videos that tell about you and YOUR team. The video doesn’t have to be perfect, just let them know who you are and how you can help them succeed in their business.

Positioning yourself as a leader from the start is huge if you want to become a true leader, and creating videos is the best way to do it. Becoming a leader is all about owning your leadership. You have to decide you want to be a leader and just start leading people.It doesn’t matter if you have ALL the skills right away, you’ll be able to leverage the knowledge and skills of your Bon Voyage 1000 team until you get you get a grip on everything.

Ponder this one,if you make a video once, you never have to make it again and you can use it to build a relationshp with your customers for a LIFETIME Once you realize just how powerful that is, you can turn your marketing system into a relationship building machine that will have your phone ringing off the hook all day long with hungry prospects.

a0-142 Adobe Indesign Cs5 Ace Exam

The Adobe InDesign CS5 qualification is one component of the Adobe Qualified Professional (ACE) qualification. The Adobe Qualified Professional (ACE) qualification was designed for visual artists, Web designers, movie professionals, program integrators and designers looking for identification for their skills with Adobe items. This examination costs roughly US $150.

It acknowledges an applicant’s ability to use the features of the software for developing eye-catching animated, and use of page changes and control buttons for developing interaction when developing InDesign programs. After passing the 9A0-142 examination, you can generate credit towards the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) qualification. After getting qualification of ACE you can get tasks as a visual artists, Web designers, movie professionals, program integrators and designers looking for identification for their skills with Adobe items.

After passing the 9A0-142 examination, you can generate credit towards the Adobe Qualified Professional (ACE) qualification. After getting qualification of ACE you can get tasks as a visual artists, Web designers, movie professionals, program integrators and designers looking for identification for their skills with Adobe items.

What to anticipate in the InDesign CS5 ACE exam?
This Adobe 9A0-142 examination includes multiple-choice questions. There are no example type questions and the exam is not flexible. You will be needed to effort roughly 72 questions in 120 minutes. And 78% of lowest represents are needed to complete.

Preparing for the Adobe 9A0-142 InDesign CS5 ACE exam
There is no shortcut for success. Several research that the best way to learn is to take a test! Exercise an assessment that is. Taking practice assessments before a following examination seems to be the most well-known method of learning, even more preferred that other well-known methods such as repeating and idea applying.

The 9A0-142 is the examinations essential to get an Adobe Qualified Professional on InDesign qualification. It includes the principles needed to use CS5 which is the most well-known and enhance edition of Adobe InDesign. All these principles and subjects are mentioned in prep-kits which are made by specialized group of professionals. It helps the hopeful to expert the examination and its effective execution in market. By exercising these components the learners will find it easier to break the examination in first effort.

What is covered in the Adobes 9A0-142 InDesign CS5 ACE Exam?
The 9A0-142 protects following examination essentials:

1.Laying out a document: This purpose protects 18% of examination questions and 13 questions are requested from this.
2.Working with text: This purpose protects 21% of examination questions 15 questions are requested from this.
3.Working with tables: This purpose protects 7% of examination questions 5 questions are requested from this.
4.Managing graphics: This purpose protects 10% of examination questions 7 questions are requested from this.

5.Understanding shade and transparency: This purpose protects 8% of examination questions and 6 questions are requested from this.
6.Creating and dealing with long documents: This purpose protects 10% of examination questions and 7 questions are requested from this.
7.Building Entertaining Documents: This purpose protects 8% of examination questions and 6 questions are requested from this.

8.Importing, forwarding, and dealing with cross-media: This purpose protects 8% of examination questions and 6 questions are requested from this.
9.Managing prepress and printing: This purpose protects 10% of examination questions and 7 questions are requested from this.

Dealing With The Mass Exodus Of Baby-boomers

Over the past several years, many organizations have felt the loss of the most seasoned and experienced staff members who have chosen to either transition into retirement, or begin a second career. Whatever their reasons, the gap between wisdom and practical application is immense. Leading in times of economic uncertainty requires a well defined vision for the future, and a plan of execution deeply routed in organizational governing values.

Much has been said about the Baby Boomer generation, that unruly generation that challenged and redefined so many rules within our American culture. This is the generation that created Woodstock, staged peace protests, survived the Viet Nam War, invented the computer, and fought against the so-called establishment until they ultimately ended up in control of that very same establishment. It calls to mind an amusing TV commercial that has been running lately wherein a stogy corporate executive-type makes a remark to a young employee that he is sticking it to the man. At which point the young employee gingerly points out to the boss that he is, in fact, the man. Hard as it is to believe, those same rebellious Baby Boomers eventually settled down, got married, got jobs, took out big mortgages, sent their kids off to college, and actually grew up and became (somewhat) responsible. And now here we are, shuffling steadily toward the golden years of our careers and the long-awaited retirement.

The official onset of the Boomer generation began on January 1, 1946 and concluded on December 31, 1964. During this time, approximately 75.8 million children were born in the U.S. In 2006, the first Baby Boomer turned 60; the first of 75 or so million Baby Boomers who are, or will be, turning the reins of their respective company businesses over to the next generation of leaders. As the Baby Boomers steadily exit their careers over the next dozen years, the face of American business and industry will change substantially. As any retiree will tell you, there are a myriad of arrangements to be made as one prepares for retirement; but what about the future and health of the businesses and organizations? Often in our haste to climb the ladder of success we can become very focused in with regards to our career or business and fail to identify opportunities and the responsibility to coach and prepare other leaders to fill our shoes once were gone. This short sighted approach may stroke the ego of the executive or leader with a false sense that they are irreplaceable, but as we all know, no one is irreplaceable.

Too many selfish CEOs and corporate executives put more thought and energy into planning their own retirement parties than into making mature and conscientious decisions about the future of their organizations and for the smooth transition of leadership. Unfortunately, for the folks who remain behind to steer the ship and tend the fires, this can lead to a disastrous destabilization that some organizations do not survive. Ironically, on the surface it may appear as if the organization could not survive without the sage leadership of the former CEO; but in actuality, the failure to plan and poor judgment of the CEO by not preparing a succession plan for the organization contributed to the distress of the business.

Most successful businesses have firmly established plans for a variety of situations. We have safety plans, evacuation plans, production plans, marketing plans; we log, categorize, inventory, count things, weigh things, order things; it seems that no detail escapes our attention. How strange it is that we often do very little, if any, planning for who is going to assume key leadership roles after were gone. As stated earlier, not only can this destabilize an organization, but it can also serve to create powerful and destructive rivalries within the surviving power structure that can rip an organization apart from the inside. It breeds a survival of the fittest mentality that subordinates any mission statement or corporate objective. And the simple truth is that this is so unnecessary and easy to avoid.

Earlier in the article I used the word coach. That is an important word with us here at Coach Masters International. Its not just a word; its more like a philosophy. Taking the time to understand the importance of coaching within an organization can make the difference between a smooth transition of leadership and an organization in chaos. True coaching involves equal opportunity for all who possess the raw qualities of leadership. Coaching is not to be confused with playing favorites, brown-nosing, or capricious decision making. It is about empowering people and calling one another to a higher level. Coaching is achieved by a commitment to excellence and by establishing an environment where people are valued based on their individual core competencies. Cream rises to the top, and so will your new leaders. Provide them with an adequate forum to demonstrate and sharpen their skills and let them do the work. I have always believed that authority finds its way to those who can wield it. By establishing an appropriate staff development coaching program, you will be able to master the delicate art of passing the baton to your next generation of leaders. You will be able to leave your organization with your head held high with full confidence that you have entrusted your office into the most worthy and capable hands.

The preceding article was penned in collaboration with Mr. Steve Kilgore.

Culture-driven Leadership Can Sustain Enterprises During Tough Times

In tough times, like many leaders are facing today, effectively lead organizations will actually gain ground on their competitors. They accomplish this by totally engaging their associates in acceptance of their situation. These effective leaders then totally engage their associates in the development of strategies and priorities to work their way out of their situation as quickly as possible.
These organizations almost always have three distinctive clarities:

Clarity of Direction (Where are we going?)
Clarity of Structure (Who is doing what?)
Clarity of Measurement (How will we know we are succeeding?)

We find these clarities in place at every level of the enterprise. This is why I am so emphatic about the importance of subcultural leadership (subsidiaries, divisions, departments and teams). When I work with organizations to bring about cultural renewal, I insist that we focus on subcultural leadership training and finding ways to hold each of these subcultural leaders responsible for effective cultural leadership, building organizations that:
Consistently produce outstanding bottom-line results
Attract, motivate and retain top talent
Readily adapt to changing conditions

Give me a call to discuss how we can might work together to build more effective subcultures in your organization, leading to an overarching enterprise-wide culture that lives up to its true potential.

Approach A Reputed Mail Forwarding Company To Make Your Mails Follow You Anywhere

When you plan for travel, it is not viable to keep an eye on all your business postal mails, which can be distressing. In such situation, the Mail Forwarding Services are best option for connecting with your unattended mails, without bothering about the location. Whether you are relocating or working away from home in another country, this service ensures that your mails follow you wherever you go. It is simple process and to avail the service, you just need to register with the service provider and confirm what type of mail service you require. There are different options to enroll for in the mail forwarding service, the smart way is to go online and fill a form in the service providers website. However, choosing the right Mail Forwarding Company can be daunting affair, if you are not conscious about what they exactly do and other important information.

Process followed by Mail forwarding companies

Though it is difficult to declare that all mail forwarding companies follow same process, from the beginning of receiving your redirected mails till the end of process that is deliver them to you, most of the online service is somewhat alike.

When you register online for say some Mail Redirection Australia service from an Australian mail forwarding service provider, the first thing you get is a membership number that is used with the address they provide. The membership once confirmed will make you directly involved in a contract with the mail forwarding company. They store all the mails you have received to the mail address and will then notify it to you either through E-mail or call. It depends on the choice you provide at the time of registration. The mails are received every day or as specified by you and the receipt is numerically coded in the records for future reference. Membership option selected by you determines what the service provider must do with your mails. For instance, if you opted for Email notification on the mail arrival at the office of service provider, then an Email is sent. All you have to do is just log on to the service providers website and check the mail’s list meant for you. Further, you can also enquire through phone by calling the service providing company.

Apart from just knowing what mails you got, there is option for viewing the scanned copy of the mails. For that you have to direct the mail forwarding company about what items you need the scanned picture of and what not. This option only gives the scanned view of the outer envelops in your mail. However, you can view the complete mail and actual content of the mail too by request and by logging into the service providers website. This service is available only if you ask for it at the time you receive the notification mail.

Happiness, Reality, and Leadership

The last article, on Happiness, implied that inner happiness will soon manifest itself in reality. It is part of human nature to reveal our happiness, and this is why ritual transcends the personal to become social. The symbols we discover for our own benefit will eventually be tried out by the people around us, whether they are family, friends, business partners or even complete strangers.

The attractiveness our personal happiness makes us into leaders, so we need some awareness of what this means.

Our private rituals become group phenomena because the qualiadelic experience is draws like-minded people into our rituals. The law of attraction is at work here, but what is more important is that we are consciously ritualing. We recognize when we have entered a ritual and we know what to expect.

Ritualing comes as naturally to us as speaking, and, like speaking, if we practice and study it, we attain a certain power. It is a power, not just to evolve personally, but to evolve communally as well. We must become leaders.

As a leader we do not tell others what to do. Nor can we persuade others with mere words or stories. If we want to engage our communities, we must create moments – ritual frameworks – within which they can express themselves. We must wish share the qualiadelic experience with them, and they must desire to share it with us.

In today’s world we no longer have public speakers, we have public performers, authorities who lead by drawing us into their rituals. They make us part of the dream state of reality by letting us express our order of things together with theirs.

The greatest leaders have always created moments in which people have found that they held interests in common. For it is what we hold in common that creates equality between us; it is with our shared big pictures that we transcend all differences. King Arthur’s knights were not equals in strength, temperament, or in other capacities; but they shared ideals and they sat, symbolically, at a round table, as equals. King Arthur was their leader, but not their authority – they were all authorities, having each earned his own through the rituals of knighthood and the deeds of chivalry.

Today’s leaders are finding, too, that they have leadership but no authority, and they must create round tables. The polls, the people, the pundits have the authority, and the only way for a leader to lead is to invite their communities through ritualing.

A leader can only hope to steer the direction and momentum of the community with symbolic gestures, by adding his or her own spin to the symbols that the rest of us create.

We may not have a natural talent for ritualing any more than for public speaking, but every one of us has a natural desire, or a need, to be drawn into rituals.

Leaders don’t have to create the need, but merely the outlets and the moments for expression. We can create the frameworks for ritual, or, at least learn to recognize that the frameworks for ritual already exist and are waiting to be used. This is the meaning of recognizing opportunities.

Be Qualiadelic. Be Conscious. Change the Routine.

Tony Brussat has a Master’s degree in Rhetoric and Communication. He is a registered nurse in the field of behavioral health. Visit to download the ebook Be Qualiadelic and join the mailing list for more articles on the Qualiadelic Experience.

Executive Coaching What Does Executive Coaching Cost

Executive coaching is a specific part of success coaching focused more towards leadership skills. If you are looking for an executive coach either individually or for your company you are probably wondering what it executive coaching costs. I will give you some hard numbers but first lets discuss what executive coaching can do for you and/or your company, what to look for in an executive coach, and how to go about hiring an executive coach or executive coaching firm.

Whenever contacted by a potential client, a good executive coach first determines whether executive coaching is right for the person or company. Some of the information they will be looking for: What are your current problems? How much are those problems costing you and/or your company? Where would you like to see improvements? What is working well now? Although, its advantageous to have solid numbers when contacting an executive coaching company, a good executive coach can help you uncover potential issues you dont currently know exist.

Lets say your an individual who currently makes a salary of $100,000 a year. You contact an executive coach to learn to be a more effective leader and to acquire a higher position in your company. One of the first things an executive coach will ask you is how many hours per day/week you are working. Say you are currently working 16 hours a day 5 days a week. Your effective hourly rate is only $24 an hour. Thats less than the pay of many blue collar workers. With the proper executive coaching you can easily learn new leadership skills which will bring your hours down to a more reasonable 8-10 hours a day effectively doubling your hourly pay. Furthermore, if you are working 16 hours a day, your team is probably working similar hours. This effects morale, productivity, and profits.

This is a simple example to show with the proper executive coaching you can double your hourly wage, improve morale, productivity and profits of your team all by leading more efficiently. This puts you in a perfect position to either ask for a promotion for more responsibility or to take your success to another company or profession with a much higher salary. These type of tactics implemented company wide can increase profits exponentially.

This article does not have the room to go into any specific techniques but lets discuss the cost of executive coaching. As you can clearly see, executive coaching can make you quite a bit of money through increased salary, productivity and bonus achievement.

With your increased profits in mind most individual executive coaching contracts will cost between $4000 and $6000 a quarter depending on the experience and techniques the executive coach employs. Some executive coaches work hourly and typically charge between $250 and $500 an hour. The other option is on a company retainer which is negotiated with the executive coaching company. A typical retainer would be $10,000 per quarter and include between 20 and 40 hours of billable time. Obviously, the benefits of increased profits, productivity and morale far outweigh the minimal cost of executive coaching.