Hair transplant in Turkey: optimal results at low cost

Hair transplant in Turkey: optimal results at low cost

Why people choose a hair transplant in Turkey? Thousands of people from countries all around the world -many from the UK and USA– travel every year to get a hair transplantation with FUE in Turkey, and the country has definitely become one of the top destinations for health tourism in the world. 

But, what are the reasons behind this? Is it just because of the price? How much does a hair transplant cost in Turkey? What is the FUE technique, and how is it performed? Let´s answer all these common questions and find the secret why Turkey, and specially Istanbul, is considered nowadays the world’s capital for hair transplants.

What is the FUE technique?

Let´s start for the most important. Near all hair transplants carried out in Turkey use the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method, which is considered the best and most modern technique for  hair implant operations. It offers many advantages when compared with older methods, like Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT).

For example, while FUT requires surgically removing part of the scalp containing the bulbs -a process that can be quite painful, also leaving scars that last for life- in FUE bulbs are extracted one by one; this requires a higher specialization of the medical team, but it´s a more modern the technique that is considered in fact painless; patients can go home after the surgery, and the healing process takes only a week leaving no scars.

These are the main reasons why FUE is a much better technique than FUT, and that´s why it´s widely demanded and almost the only one used in Turkey for hair transplants. 

How is a hair transplant with FUE performed?

When people go to Istanbul to get a FUE hair transplant, the first thing they do is a blood test before the operation; the patient receives all the necessary information about the surgical process and all doubts are cleared. Patient´s hair generally is shaved for a better identification of the bulbs to be extracted.

The operation takes usually 4 to 6 hours, but only requires local anaesthesia, which means that the patient is conscious all time and can ask any question to the medical team performing the operation. No pain is felt, so normally patients just lay down and relax: sometimes they read a book or listen to their favourite music… or sometimes they just fall asleep.

During the operation, hair follicles are extracted from the donor area -normally the backside of the head- and implanted in the target area after opening microscopic channels with specialized surgical instruments. This is a very important stage in the process, because if the medical staff cannot determine correctly the bend angle of the patient´s natural hair, the result won´t look like natural hair and the operation will be a fiasco. 

Therefore, it´s very important to choose a good hair transplant centre with skilled and experienced professionals. Once the process is finished, vital signs of the patient are checked and he/she can return home or his/her hotel to rest.

How much does a hair transplant cost in Turkey?

Pricing depends on the chosen clinic, but also on the services included. Normally ranges from £1,300 to £2,200 ($1,700 to $2,800)… which is a quite affordable price. Especially when compared with the cost of the same operation in the USA or the UK, which usually ranges from £13,000 to £18,000.

This means that getting a hair transplant with FUE in Turkey can be 10 times cheaper that a similar operation in the United Kingdom or the United States. But, if we take into consideration that pricing in Turkey included a full range of VIP services (airport-city-clinic transfers, at least two nights at 5 star hotel, all necessary blood analyses and medications, personal translator…) we can openly say that Turkey has no competitor in this regard.

Why choose Turkey?

But this is not just a question of price, of course. Turkey has a flourishing health industry offering modern facilities, highly skilled professionals and cutting-edge techniques; besides, as they perform hundreds or even thousands of hair transplant surgeries every year, doctors in Turkey have much more experience than their counterparts in Europe or America… which means that they can obtain better results and implant more bulbs in a single operation.

But are all these factors the only reasons behind the great success of Turkey and Istanbul as a top destination for health tourism? Of course not! We are talking about one of the main tourism destinations in the world: Turkey has wonderful places to see and a long history, so it offers unique attractions not only for history lovers but also for those seeking sunny beaches or magnificent landscapes, like those you can find in Cappadocia.

So, do you really think you are going to get a hair transplant in Turkey, and after finishing you’ll just get your plane back to home with your new hair? No way!! Patients coming to Istanbul for a hair transplantation usually stay several days and take some time to see wonders like Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque or the Topkapı Palace. Istanbul and Turkey have many things to offer that go beyond a top quality and cheap hair transplant. Are you really going to miss it?