503 Born Rosé: premium wine that concentrates the best of the Mediterranean

Enjoying the delicious taste and freshness of a rosé wine is possible if you select a good product. The 503 Born Rosé Barcelona is the brand’s premium wine, a perfect choice to accompany elegant dinners and events and versatile enough to share special moments.

Rosé wine is increasingly present in the wine list of any type of celebration, even in the informal moments we share with loved ones. One of these is precisely its versatility, as it combines perfectly with fun, light moments and also with formal events that include refined gastronomy.

It is a great choice because it combines the freshness of white wine with the incomparable flavour of red wine, which also makes it an excellent pairing alternative.

Rosé wine is an exceptional ally of Mediterranean cuisine, combining perfectly with rice dishes, pasta, seafood, sushi, soft cheeses, fruits and desserts.

However, it is important to consider which rosé wine to choose. A very timely option to mention is a brand that was born and in a short time had already revolutionized the sector: 

Born Rosé, which among its star products has the 503 Born Rosé Barcelona.

Why is it the best choice?

There are many reasons why Born Rosé’s premium rose wine is today among the top of the best rosé wines in the world, ranked by many as the best in Spain.

Born Rosé 503 has its origins in Terra Alta, a Catalan wine region with a unique rich landscape, with vineyards where black Grenache reigns supreme, which has been selected for this wine for all its nuances: red fruits, Mediterranean herbs, plum, earthy aromas and spicy notes.

The grapes used to elaborate this wine come from long-established 100% organic vineyards. The production process is based on the peculiar cold maceration method, which consists of leaving the grape skin in contact with the must, always preventing it from evolving thanks to the low temperatures. With gentle pressing and controlled temperatures, the must ferments at the ideal point.

What is sought, and achieved, is to enhance the essence of this variety and give complexity to its aroma, an excellent impression in the mouth with a diversity of nuances. In addition, 10% of the blend is fermented and evolved for a period of 8 months in American and French oak barrels. 

Why 503? It is not a simple number, it is the colour of the Pantone chart. The pale pink colour denotes delicacy and relaxation, two of the main characteristics of this wine, as well as reflecting the grandeur of the Mediterranean. 

As for its aromatic intensity, a product of its manufacturing process and raw material, it elegantly blends nuances that together become unique: plum, watermelon and raspberry, traces of apricot, notes of tropical fruit, in addition to those notes, coming from its aged vines, mentholated and aniseed and soft flower.

Undoubtedly, it is an organic wine that leaves no one indifferent. On the palate, you can feel its broad entry, with an acidity that is just right and a slightly bitter finish. One of its most valued attributes is that fruity aftertaste that makes it unique.

The Born Rosé premium wine is a gastronomic wine par excellence, a perfect ally for the dishes of the best cuisines. The potential of this wine reaches its maximum level when it accompanies elegant dinners in avant-garde restaurants. In fact, it will soon be present on the menus of some Michelin-starred restaurants.

About the brand

Born Rosé is the result of the initiative of a group of entrepreneurs from Barcelona who decided that the city of Barcelona should have a rosé wine that identifies it, with its own fresh and dynamic character, far from the pomposity of tastings.

Today, Born Rosé is a brand that has transcended the country. This rosé wine is considered among the five best in the world, in fact it won the gold medal at The Global Rosé Masters in 2020 and this year the gold medal at the International Canned Wine Competition.