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9 foods that help you lose weight

When we give advice for weight loss nutritionists always emphasize what kind of food to stop including in the daily diet, but in this article and video we want to talk about what foods should be introduced into the diet if your goal is to lose weight or lose weight. These are healthy foods that in addition to nourish you, will help you to satiate you, something basic if we want to achieve a weight loss goal.

1. Whole fruit will help you lose weight

Do not do without fruit. It doesn’t matter if your neighbor or a program contributor has said that fruit is fattening. Do not stop buying fruit such as bananas either. It doesn’t matter what fruit you eat and at what time of the day you eat it, whether at breakfast, between meals or for dessert. We have many food “enemies” to avoid and none of them is fruit. In fact, it is important that you reach that minimum daily consumption of 3 pieces of fruit a day that we recommend.

Fruit will satiate you and its nutrients are necessary in our daily diet. The fruit portion is determined by the size. A serving corresponds to about 150-200g of fruit. For example: one serving would be one apple or for example one banana or two kiwis, two tangerines or three plums.

2. Vegetables and greens will help you get full

Start your main meals (lunch and dinner) with a portion in the form of raw salad or cooked vegetables (steamed, baked, sautéed or wok, stews … etc.) Change the cooking method and spices in order to vary your vegetable dishes and not get bored. These vegetables provide you with nutrients that, in addition to satiating you, will keep you well away from the drugstores. An example of a serving of vegetables would be at least 150-200g raw at each main meal.

3. Protein in your weight loss diet

Spread your protein servings throughout the day at different meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with foods such as legumes, eggs, white and oily fish, seafood, lean meats or natural dairy with no added sugars. Proteins will also contribute to your satiety and are key to maintaining and protecting your muscle mass.

4. Carbohydrates give you energy

Yes, you read that right. You can eat foods rich in carbohydrates, even if you want to lose weight. But you have to make sure that they are of good quality. That is to say, no sweetened carbohydrates (buns, cookies). It is a question of introducing all those cereals in their integral form: brown rice, integral pasta, integral bread, spelt, oats, wheat, couscous, buckwheat, quinoa, etc. Potatoes and sweet potatoes also stand out for their contribution in carbohydrates. Legumes, in addition to protein, will also provide you with this nutrient.

Consuming carbohydrates will satiate you and provide you with the energy your body needs to carry out its vital functions. In addition, they are foods rich in B vitamins, which, among others, are involved in metabolism. Always prioritize whole grain or integral foods will provide you with a greater richness in vitamins, minerals and fiber by preserving the whole grain.

5. Foods with healthy fats

You should not forget to include healthy fats in your diet. They have both a structural and energetic function.  But it is true that it is the nutrient that contributes more calories, so do not take in excess.

How can you incorporate healthy fats? You will find these fats in oily fish, which you can include 2-3 times a week in your diet, in the olive oil we use for cooking, in avocado, olives and also in nuts. You can introduce a portion of nuts in your snack, accompanied by a piece of fruit, so your snacks will be more satiating and you will avoid snacking between meals.

6. Yogurt as a healthy snack

How much fear there is of that hunger that comes between meals and that tempting snacking. You don’t have to go hungry, even if you want to lose weight. You should take care to eat well and include healthy snacks between meals, which in addition to providing nutrients and help you complete your daily intake, help you satiate and better reach your main meals.  And in yogurt you will find a great healthy ally. Just make sure it is natural and has no added sugar.

How to take your yogurt? You can take it alone, or if you are hungrier, combined with crushed fresh fruit or even with a handful of nuts or raw seeds.

7. Vegetable milk or drink as a snack

A warm glass of milk or vegetable drink in the middle of the afternoon with cinnamon can calm your hunger. You can drink it on its own or with tea, coffee or infusion. As long as your goal is to reach a healthy weight, opt for milk with a moderate fat content (semi-skimmed or skimmed) and vegetable drinks that are without added sugars and if possible enriched with calcium and vitamin D.

8. Water to hydrate and satiate you

It is important to be well hydrated. Water, in addition to helping you meet your water needs, will help to satiate you during the day and therefore, better regulate your appetite and displace the consumption of other types of non-recommended beverages. It is advisable to get into the habit of drinking 1-2 glasses of water at main meals, and to keep a bottle nearby.

9. Spices in your healthy weight loss menu

When you want to lose weight, it is very important that the healthy dishes you prepare yourself feel good enough so that you do not fall back into those sauces or unhealthy foods that you now want to give up. For this, spices will be your best companions. They provide flavor without the need to season the dish too much. They will help you to enjoy the process more, to strengthen your nutritional plan and as a consequence, to strengthen the progression in your goal.

As you can see, you don’t have to have artichokes, pineapple, cucumber or green smoothies every day. There is nothing like that. You should never base your diet on one or a few foods. So be wary of miracle diets and base your weight loss on a controlled energy deficit and maintained over time, while eating satiating, nutritious and rich dishes. Remember that all the foods you eat provide calories, but there are some that are not healthy and in this article we have talked about 9 key, satiating and nutritious foods that cannot be missing in your pantry.