A gastronomic route around the world

A gastronomic route around the world

Different cultures have different types of foods and tastes associated to them. Because of that, many people believe that the best way to discover a new culture is by trying their traditional food. All around the world, there are some amazing dishes you should definitely try if you are given the chance. 

Puebla’s unique gastronomy

Mexico is a country famous worldwide for its amazing cuisine. But if there is a Mexican city whose cuisine has traditionally benefited from its location, it is Puebla. Puebla’s location between the Gulf coast and central Mexico has turn this city into the recipient of multiple cooking influences from different cultures all over the world. Traditional Puebla’s dishes mix traditional mexican ingredients with techniques from the colonial era. Because of this, it is easy to find typical mexican meals with an European twist in most of the gourmet restaurants in Puebla Mexico

Puebla has also a tradition based on local craftsmanship, so chefs traditionally use items like pots or spoons crafted by the locals, which add an unique flavour to the food. Most ingredients used in the recipes usually come from the area. If you want to try some delicious Puebla dishes, we recommend that you try out the traditional chiles en nogada or rompope. 

The most exquisite iberian hams

Over the last years, Spanish food has become the latest trend. It is easy to spot a rise of spanish products and restaurants on cities all across the globe, from tapas bars to products like bottles of spanish olive oil. But the star of spanish products has always been the iberian ham. The Iberian ham is a really exquisite spanish ingredient, and between the different types of iberian hams available in the market, there is one who has stood up as one of the most exquisite types: the spotted iberian ham. If you want to avoid being scammed and given a lower tier of iberian ham on its place, it is very important that you lean how to know the spotting of pure Iberian ham

The spotted pure iberian ham comes from an unique type of pig which is only raised in the north of the Spanish province of Huelva. This type of pig is very special since its breed is a mixture of blonde and black breeds. The number of pigs of this breed is in serious risk, hence why the ones raised for food are treated with a lot of care. These pigs are feed only with ecological food and raised in a stress free environment. The result is an iberian ham like no other in the world. When buying spotted pure iberian ham, always make sure to do so from reliable sellers and look out for the seal that marks it as a real product from Huelva.

A type of wine you can not miss

Wine lovers are among the pickiest gastronomical experts, since once you become a wine expert it gets harder to find one that will please your palate. However, if you consider yourself a wine lover,  there is a type of wine that should definitely not fly under your radar: the bierzo wine. Bierzo is an origin certificate given to the wines proceeding from the west of the province of León, Spain. If you want to get a taste of this wine, we recommend you use pages like godelia.es, since thanks to their worldwide shipping programs you will be able to enjoy a 100% original Bierzo wine from anywhere in the world.

Valencia’s signature drink

Valencia is city that receives the visit of over 2 million tourists each year. However, in gastronomy terms, this beautiful spanish city characterize itself for its signature drink: horchata.  This drink has been made for centuries in Valencia using tigernut milk. Nowadays, you can still taste this drink on the multiple horchaterías across the city. But for a more genuine experience, we recommend horchaterías like Horchatería Dolz since they use traditional methods on the elaboration of their horchata. Visiting this sort of horchaterías will allow you to mix yourself with the locals and enjoy a real Valencian experience.