Am I fat? Am I obese? Should I lose weight?

Obesity is the state in which the individual presents an amount of body fat far above what is considered acceptable as normal for a normal physiological man-woman.

Definitely, as I have mentioned in previous articles, to be healthy you don’t need to look too thin. It is important, in order to be healthy, to feel good, both physically and mentally.

The most important thing about being at a normal weight is not looking a certain way, but feeling good and staying healthy. Having too much body fat is harmful to the body for many reasons.

Being obese is not the same as being overweight. An obese person not only has a few pounds more, but a large amount of body fat above the range established as normal or acceptable depending on the age, weight and height of each individual.

The causes of obesity are multiple, being able to mention factors such as genetic inheritance, the behavior of the nervous system, endocrine and metabolic system and the lifestyle you lead.

In general, we can number two causes of overweight and, specifically, obesity:

Calorie intake greater than the amount of energy used daily.

Less physical activity than required by the body.

Food eaten daily is our body’s fuel. From them is obtained the energy that we use day by day to perform each and every one of the acts of our life, no matter how small it may seem. If we eat more calories than we use for energy/day, this excess accumulates in the form of fat. And the accumulation of fat in the body predisposes the appearance of other pathologies such as diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure and coronary and cardiovascular diseases, all found among the top five places of cause of death in our environment.

In children with obese parents, there are 10 times more risks of being obese, partly because of metabolic tendencies to accumulate fat, but more due to cultural patterns and sedentary food learned.



To find out if you are obese or overweight, you use your body mass index, which is no more than a measure of how much fat you have.