• The best recommendations to take care of your health

    The best recommendations to take care of your health

    Our health is one of the most important aspects in our lives. Staying healthy should always be on the top of our list of priorities, for a life without good health is very often synonymous of complications and a lower quality of life. Down below you will be able to find some of our recommendations to maintain a good health. Visit a dentist regularly There is an old saying that claims your health starts at your mouth, and honestly, it could not be more right. Our mouth is the gateway to our digestive and respiratory systems, so having mouth problems does not only affect our teeth or tongue, but can…

  • Easy ways to look your best
    Fitness and Wellness

    Easy ways to look your best

    Nowadays, we lead busy lives. The tight schedules we keep at work and the lack of spare time leaves us with very little time for ourselves, and this ends up reflecting in our personal appearance. With not a single moment to lose, we need to get ready as fast as possible. Thankfully, getting ready quickly is now easier than ever thanks to simple proceedings and the easy access to professional products that can be used from home. Do not let the lack of time affect your appearance and self-stem anymore.  A simple proceeding can get you a long way As we age, our skin needs a lot of care to…

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    The best ways to take care of our pets

    Pets are a vital part of our lives. They may come in all shape and forms, but they always fill our hearts with love. It does not matter if you have a dog, a cat, an iguana or even a horse, we all want the best for our beloved pets. Thankfully, finding new ways to take care of our pets is now easier than ever thanks to the addition of internet.  Man’s best friends They say that dogs are man’s best friend and they could not be more right about it. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, dogs have proven their loyalty to humankind…

  • Welcoming a new baby into our lives

    Welcoming a new baby into our lives

    A baby being born into our families is the biggest blessing we could probably ever receive. It is a new family member that is going to receive all of our love during the rest of our lives. Therefore, it is very important that we make the proper preparations in our homes in order to have everything ready for the baby arrival. Getting used to have a baby around Being a new parent is never easy, especially for first time parents. Although it is an experience that will bring a lot of joy to our lives, it can sometimes be a bit extressing and quite challenging. That is why first time…

  • A gastronomic route around the world

    A gastronomic route around the world

    Different cultures have different types of foods and tastes associated to them. Because of that, many people believe that the best way to discover a new culture is by trying their traditional food. All around the world, there are some amazing dishes you should definitely try if you are given the chance.  Puebla’s unique gastronomy Mexico is a country famous worldwide for its amazing cuisine. But if there is a Mexican city whose cuisine has traditionally benefited from its location, it is Puebla. Puebla’s location between the Gulf coast and central Mexico has turn this city into the recipient of multiple cooking influences from different cultures all over the world.…

  • Getting started on your culinary journey

    Getting started on your culinary journey

    The road down to the gastronomy world is full of wonders. For the little gourmet we all have inside, there is nothing better than discovering new flavours and trying out new dishes. Especially the ones prepared by ourselves Cooking your own food at home When it comes to food, nothing tastes better than the food one makes on their own. Effort and love make everything more tasty. If you are looking into getting into the gastronomy world, this is a great way to get started. There is an infinite number of recipes available at our reach, and many can be access for free by using the internet. This will help…

  • Hair transplant in Turkey: optimal results at low cost

    Hair transplant in Turkey: optimal results at low cost

    Why people choose a hair transplant in Turkey? Thousands of people from countries all around the world -many from the UK and USA– travel every year to get a hair transplantation with FUE in Turkey, and the country has definitely become one of the top destinations for health tourism in the world.  But, what are the reasons behind this? Is it just because of the price? How much does a hair transplant cost in Turkey? What is the FUE technique, and how is it performed? Let´s answer all these common questions and find the secret why Turkey, and specially Istanbul, is considered nowadays the world’s capital for hair transplants. What…

  • Getting ready for your baby
    Fitness and Wellness

    Getting ready for your baby

    Becoming a mother is a life changing experience no one can prepare you for. It is the most magical moment any woman can experience. It is important to treasure those moments after and before you unite with the person who is going to be the most important one in your life: your kid.  Cherishing every moment Pregnancy is magical. A pregnant woman’s body experiments many changes while developing a bond with a child that has not born yet, but is still deeply loved.  It is such an unique experience, and many women would like to keep the memories of those months for life.  A really cute and unique way of…

  • Choose the perfect destination for your health in this summer
    Fitness and Wellness

    Choose the perfect destination for you this summer

    Summer Vacation are here, and we must look at all the possibilities that we have to travel around the world. The options are so different that we should invest some time in the process. The most awesome landscapes, peaceful beaches or some crazy adventures are just a few examples of what we can do this year. But the time of choosing is running out, so we must hurry. The beach on the jungle Do you remember those incredible trees on the ‘Jurassic Park’ movie? Well, that place exists, and we can visit it this summer vacation. Costa Rica is a country that welcomes a lot of tourists each year and…

  • How to use physiotherapy and pilates to speed up recovery after an injury
    Fitness and Wellness

    How to use physiotherapy and pilates to speed up recovery after an injury

    Staying fit and healthy is always important, and even more so as we get older. There are times when things in life, such as illness or injury can cause a drop in mobility that can feel like a mountain you will never climb to recover.  Improving physical fitness can feel very tough. There will come a point where the medical treatment provided by your doctor is done, and now you must look to taking the rest of your recovery journey by yourself. Maybe you are still experiencing pain in movement, or you are no longer as flexible as before so it will be tough.  This is especially true of soft…