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    Enjoying the best meals

    There is a small gourmet within each one of us, eager to come out. It does not matter if we are cooking dinner for us or our family or if we are planning to go out and grab something in a restaurant for a special occasion, we all want our food to be as delicious as possible. The Internet has made our lives much easier in that sense, and nowadays, we can shop online for the best food products or even check restaurant’s menus to see if they serve our favourite dish without leaving our home. Down below, you will be able to find some of the best alternatives to…

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    Benidorm: The perfect destination for your next holidays

    Summer holidays are right around the corner, and with it, all the fun and relaxation we eagerly waited for all year. We all want our summer holidays to be just perfect, therefore, it is very important that we pick a destination that covers every aspect we wished for. If you are looking to experience beautiful beaches, a rich gastronomy and nature during your next holidays, then there is a destination we can not stop recommending: Benidorm. Discovering Benidorm Benidorm is a beautiful coastal city located in the western coast of Spain. The city is bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, with some truly breathtaking beaches that attract tourists from all over…

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    Upgrading the gas you use on your refrigeration systems

    New products are constantly flowing and upgrading the market, and it is not different for the gas market. During the last years, we have seen how one of the most stable gas in the market, the R-404A gas, has been discontinued and will no longer be produced in order to promote more environmentally friendly alternatives.  R-404A gas leaving the market During decades, the R-404A gas has been one of the most popular types of refrigerants in the market. Its composition of hydrofluorocarbons, like trifluoroethane 52% (R-143A), pentafluoroethane 44% (R-125) and tetrafluoroethane 4% (R-134A) make it perfect for the refrigeration of cellars and home and commercial refrigerators.   R-404A gas first came…

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    Give your invitation letters an original touch

    Special celebrations are significant dates that mark our lives. From our baptism as children to our wedding day, special celebrations are occasions to enjoy and treasure with our loved ones.  But in order to get all our loved ones together for the celebration, we will need to send out invitation letters. And a special occasion requires an equally special invitation. The importance of sending original invitation letters Special celebrations only really happen a few times during our lifetimes. From our baptism when we are just babies to our first communion or our wedding once we find our significant other, they are very important dates that will mark the rest of…

  • Welcoming a new baby into our lives

    Welcoming a new baby into our lives

    A baby being born into our families is the biggest blessing we could probably ever receive. It is a new family member that is going to receive all of our love during the rest of our lives. Therefore, it is very important that we make the proper preparations in our homes in order to have everything ready for the baby arrival. Getting used to have a baby around Being a new parent is never easy, especially for first time parents. Although it is an experience that will bring a lot of joy to our lives, it can sometimes be a bit extressing and quite challenging. That is why first time…

  • Hair transplant in Turkey: optimal results at low cost

    Hair transplant in Turkey: optimal results at low cost

    Why people choose a hair transplant in Turkey? Thousands of people from countries all around the world -many from the UK and USA– travel every year to get a hair transplantation with FUE in Turkey, and the country has definitely become one of the top destinations for health tourism in the world.  But, what are the reasons behind this? Is it just because of the price? How much does a hair transplant cost in Turkey? What is the FUE technique, and how is it performed? Let´s answer all these common questions and find the secret why Turkey, and specially Istanbul, is considered nowadays the world’s capital for hair transplants. What…

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    Don’t burn your children: multi-sport is the best thing

    If you have sons or daughters old enough to start playing sports, you may have asked yourself the question: should I play several sports, or is it better to specialize already in a particular one? In health+sports we have transferred this doubt to psychologists, sports doctors and traumatologists and all agree: from both the physical and psychological point of view it is preferable that children at an early age practice several sports. This is also what scientific research says. We will explain it to you in this article. A child is never a professional, nor a potential professional. He is neither Messi nor Garbiñe Muguruza: they are children who are…