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    Foods beneficial to mother and baby during breastfeeding

    A balanced diet is essential at all stages of life to stay healthy, and during breastfeeding, it was not going to be less. It has been proven that all women have enough milk for their children and that it is good. Moreover, it arrives already processed with what the baby needs at each stage. Therefore, it is not necessary to make sacrifices, avoiding certain foods for the sake of the child, but it is true that breastfeeding mothers need a varied diet, sufficient to maintain their weight and rich in fluids, vitamins and minerals. Therefore, although there is no specific diet during breastfeeding, there are some foods that are more…

  • A gastronomic route around the world

    A gastronomic route around the world

    Different cultures have different types of foods and tastes associated to them. Because of that, many people believe that the best way to discover a new culture is by trying their traditional food. All around the world, there are some amazing dishes you should definitely try if you are given the chance.  Puebla’s unique gastronomy Mexico is a country famous worldwide for its amazing cuisine. But if there is a Mexican city whose cuisine has traditionally benefited from its location, it is Puebla. Puebla’s location between the Gulf coast and central Mexico has turn this city into the recipient of multiple cooking influences from different cultures all over the world.…

  • Getting started on your culinary journey

    Getting started on your culinary journey

    The road down to the gastronomy world is full of wonders. For the little gourmet we all have inside, there is nothing better than discovering new flavours and trying out new dishes. Especially the ones prepared by ourselves Cooking your own food at home When it comes to food, nothing tastes better than the food one makes on their own. Effort and love make everything more tasty. If you are looking into getting into the gastronomy world, this is a great way to get started. There is an infinite number of recipes available at our reach, and many can be access for free by using the internet. This will help…

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    The best practical kitchen gadget to make cooking so much easier

    For some cooking is  passion, for others it is a chore and simply necessary because you need to eat to survive. Either way it can be made so much more easier and enjoyable with the right tools. There are some great gadgets out there on sites like buyviu.us, that can solve virtually any kitchen dilemma or irritating chore. That way you can concentrate on making your culinary masterpiece and getting to the good bit – the eating. Here are some suggestions of things you need right now for your kitchen. Storage saver hooks for spice jars If like most people your spice jars are thrown into a cupboard with everything…

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    12 foods to define

    To define the musculature it is not enough to train hard. If you want to achieve good muscle tone, in addition to working the body in the gym will be necessary to make an adequate diet to uncover the muscles, eliminating fat and increasing its size. To do this, you can choose to take some supplements, but undoubtedly the most interesting thing will be to adopt a healthy diet. Below are twelve ideal foods to define the body. Egg The first food, and undoubtedly one of the most important as it includes the best proteins with greater biological value is the egg. The egg yolk has a large amount of…

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    McDonald’s loses the exclusive right to use the Big Mac brand in the EU

    The European Intellectual Property Office revokes the registration of the name of the famous hamburger after a lawsuit brought by an Irish fast food chain. The American McDonald’s burger company no longer has the exclusivity of the Big Mac brand, the name of one of its star products. It has lost it in a tough battle between the US multinational and the Irish fast food chain Supermac’s. After a legal battle that began in 2017, the EU Intellectual Property Office (Euipo) has finally found the Irish right and revoked rights to the Big Mac name McDonald’s had registered, which has already announced it will appeal this decision. A Euipo resolution,…

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    Large Rations Also to Blame for Obesity

    UK considers banning 2×1 offers and free refilling of sugary drinks in restaurants because of their impact on health. If we were to eat only to satisfy the physiological need for nutrients and energy to meet our requirements, it is likely that ration size would not impact the amount of food ingested. We would eat what we needed and stop when we didn’t need more. But we know that there are many other factors that affect the perception of hunger and satiety: psychological, social, endocrine or even the type and composition of the food. These elements take us away from a mechanism that is in principle as intuitive as eating…