Choose the perfect destination for your health in this summer
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Choose the perfect destination for you this summer

Summer Vacation are here, and we must look at all the possibilities that we have to travel around the world. The options are so different that we should invest some time in the process. The most awesome landscapes, peaceful beaches or some crazy adventures are just a few examples of what we can do this year. But the time of choosing is running out, so we must hurry.

The beach on the jungle

Do you remember those incredible trees on the ‘Jurassic Park’ movie? Well, that place exists, and we can visit it this summer vacation. Costa Rica is a country that welcomes a lot of tourists each year and you could be the next one. The first question we must answer is: where is Costa Rica located?

On the center of Center America, this little country touches both sides of the ocean. The pacific on the left and the Caribbean Sea on the right. So, you can choose freely what kind of beaches you prefer. Next to Panama and Nicaragua, this is one of the safest countries of all America. The best way to visit the place is by taking a plane, no matter the origin.

The wildlife that we will find there is so variable. Monkeys, snakes, slothful and even the craziest ones like jaguars. If we choose a good tour, we will be able to discover all of this without any risks.

Despite that, if you think that the jungle and the beaches are the only thing to do in Costa Rica, you couldn’t be more wrong. There are so many active volcanoes in Costa Rica and it is a spectacular phenomenon to see.

There are so many places to choose, but if we must decide, we recommend you visit Irazu, close to San Jose with more than 11,000 feet; Turrialba, the perfect one to see some smoke; and Arena, the favorite of many people.

Iceland, another experience

If you choose to visit Iceland, you are choosing a lot of things in the process. Northern Lights, to watch whales on freedom and the most incredible lakes on Europe. But if there is something that you shouldn’t let it go that is camping in Landmannalaugar.

Popular known as ‘The Pearl of The Highlands’, this mountain is all we can expect from the winter. The landscapes will surprise you like nothing else, because the most probable thing is that you have not seen nothing like this. The lava fields and the colorful mountains views are just some of the things that you will enjoy during this adventure.

We recommend you to go with some professionals of the area. The first reason for doing that is because of the security on the process. The winter can be tricky, and we must put our safety on the best hands. On the other side, we will experience the travel in a deeper way. Those people have so much to teach and we must listen.

Iceland is a paradise to discover and every single activity deserves our attention. We have to consider our passions and choose the perfect option.

Spain, a crazy adventure

Probably, when you think about Spain, the first thing that comes to you are something like the Camino de Santiago, the gastronomy or even the beaches of Barcelona. But there is an activity that reunites a lot of courageous people around the world. The descent of the Sella it’s an adventure that you can do with all your family and enjoy this summer vacation in a different way.

On the community of Asturias, in the north of the country, there is a long river called Sella that you can navigate on a canoe. Side by side with nature, we will experience a trip that will stay with us all our lives.

There are so many stops on the way, so you can put over the canoe and eat one of the best meals in the country. The meat of Asturias is incredible, and you can’t leave the city without tasting it.

An adventure that will change our perception of the concept of summer vacations and will open your eyes to all the possibilities that the world hides.