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Climbing stairs with energy several times a day protects the heart

Climbing the stairs at home, at work, or any other place you visit energetically can protect cardiovascular health if done at small intervals several times a day. This is the conclusion reached by a study conducted by McMaster University (Canada) and UBC Okanagan, after analyzing the changes that occurred in a group of young people who put it into practice.

The results, published in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, showed that those who climbed three flights of stairs — about 60 steps — vigorously, three times a day for six weeks, had better physical fitness and greater physical strength than those in the control group, who maintained a sedentary attitude. In addition, in the final cycling race they generated more power than those who had opted for the elevator.

An exercise with good results and hardly any effort
Best of all, according to Martin Gibala, lead author of the study, study participants rated the effort made throughout the day with a five out of ten, which is a manageable level of exercise. This fact allows people to motivate themselves to do some exercise, albeit for short periods of time in the morning, noon and afternoon/evening, since it does not suppose the mental burden that going to the gym entails for some people.

Climbing stairs vigorously increases strength, improves fitness and helps prevent cardiovascular disease.

The authors recommend climbing the stairs of work, home or public transport, to achieve greater longevity and prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases, and even encourage the use of 10 minutes of rest for food or coffee to climb steps, because in addition to the benefits demonstrated for the heart, a previous study also revealed that this activity could provide a higher level of energy.