Enjoying the best meals

There is a small gourmet within each one of us, eager to come out. It does not matter if we are cooking dinner for us or our family or if we are planning to go out and grab something in a restaurant for a special occasion, we all want our food to be as delicious as possible. The Internet has made our lives much easier in that sense, and nowadays, we can shop online for the best food products or even check restaurant’s menus to see if they serve our favourite dish without leaving our home. Down below, you will be able to find some of the best alternatives to feed your inner gourmet side. 

Buying food from local stores

Buying your food products locally is a great way to incentivize small businesses in your area while being reassured that you will get high quality products hand picked for you. 

Thanks to La compra asi da gusto and the online market, doing your grocery shopping from local stores is now easier than ever. Based in Madrid, La compra asi da gusto allows customers to purchase online fresh products from local stores and get them delivered right to their door.  

Their website also allows you to try new recipes, allowing customers to select the recipe they want to try and sending over the ingredients needed for its elaboration. And if cooking is not exactly your forte, or you find yourself with no time for it, La compra asi da gusto also delivers prepared meals cooked by local chefs, so you will not have to worry about anything.

Shopping ethically for food

Nowadays, most of the products you can find in your local supermarkets can be highly processed or be contained in unnecessary plastic packages that can be very damaging for the environment. If you want to shop ethically for organic products and reduce your carbon footprint, then we recommend you check out OATS&CO.

OATS&CO sells organic products in bulk, getting rid of the unnecessary plastic containers traditional stores would use (which according to recent studies sums up to 40% of the plastic produced in the world). 

The food products sold at OATS&CO are the perfect alternative if you want to eat healthy, since they are organic and unprocessed, without any added ingredients. This makes OATS&CO the perfect alternative if you want to look not only after yourself, but also after the environment. 

Eat on the best restaurants

Sometimes, we want to celebrate a special occasion or simply do not feel like cooking ourselves. We all deserve to be treated sometimes, and eating out in a restaurant in Galapagar makes out for the perfect evening plan.

That is the case of Restaurante Trinidad, a restaurant that has become renowned in the area thanks to the delicacy of their dishes. They specialize in traditional food with a modern twist, cooked by the famous chef D. César Alonso and its professional team.

Restaurante Trinidad not only serves food regularly to its customers, but also makes up for the perfect location for events like weddings or business dinners, since diners will get to enjoy the best food surrounded by stunning gardens and the beautifulness of the Madrid mountains. 

The best catering for your company

Having food while at work does not mean we have to give up on quality or deliciousness. Because of that, hiring a good catering company like Mónico that offers a good menu to your workers is key. 

Mónico offers all types of menus for any occasion your company may require catering for, from breakfast menus, to informal barbecues or elegant dinners. Their dishes are cooked using only the best ingredients and paying attention to even the smallest detail, ensuring that our company gets a catering service with the highest standards. They pay special attention to the presentation of their products, which will reflect on the image of your company and make it look even better. 

So if you are looking for a good catering company in Madrid, look no further, Mónico has everything you could wish for.