Four technological tools to boost e-commerce during the holiday season

The e-commerce boom continues to grow and it is important that companies can take advantage of this holiday season to continue to strengthen the customer selling experience. Due to the pandemic, digitization and e-commerce have taken more relevance when it comes to online shopping, as the wide range of platforms, gave way to greater consumption.

Artificial intelligence.

Companies need to improve their sales productivity, especially in the last months of the year. So far, few brands are betting on the sales benefits offered by artificial intelligence, which allows aligning advanced customer business KPIs, such as: loyalty, quality, call abandonment, etc.; and improving processes in real time in order to improve the customer’s shopping experience.


Software works well for websites and social networks, as they are able to maintain an efficient and automatic conversation with the user, providing personalized advice and helping to solve their needs. Functional tools that use all communication channels such as Vivocha, allow interaction between: website, contact center and store; to request information, perform transactions, book, cancel or modify an appointment.

Data processing.

Companies need better technology that allows them to interact with their customers, define content and make decisions in real time.

Selling through social networks.

It is common nowadays to make end-of-year purchases under Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp platforms, as they offer a series of options to create sales campaigns under advertising tools that allow reaching potential customers in a simple way. This can be achieved by creating social profiles of the company and periodically publishing posts with links that can redirect to the online store. In this way, greater visibility of the brand will be achieved organically.

These solutions will help to boost online business during the end-of-year season, as they are aimed at optimizing the purchasing processes and generating multiple KPIs through technological platforms. In addition, they give the possibility of creating new strategies oriented towards what the consumer is looking for, since they are based on an integrated management, which can be modified according to the consumer’s behavior, in real time.

These are some tools that can help companies to take advantage of the opportunities during this time of the year; as well as to face the change to the digital world and increase online sales.