Getting ready for your baby
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Getting ready for your baby

Becoming a mother is a life changing experience no one can prepare you for. It is the most magical moment any woman can experience. It is important to treasure those moments after and before you unite with the person who is going to be the most important one in your life: your kid. 

Cherishing every moment

Pregnancy is magical. A pregnant woman’s body experiments many changes while developing a bond with a child that has not born yet, but is still deeply loved. 

It is such an unique experience, and many women would like to keep the memories of those months for life. 

A really cute and unique way of preserving these memories is by doing a pregnancy photoshoot. If you are near Barcelona, we recommend you a professional photo studio like Brenda Roqué’s. She specialises in family, kids, babies and pregnancy photos.  By placing yourself in the hands of professionals with this much experience you are guaranteed to have amazing results. 

The best time to do pregnancy photoshoots is around the 30-35 weeks of pregnancy, since it is the time when your belly is more noticeable. On Brenda’s studio they will guide you as well about the kind of clothing that would fit better and be more comfortable along your photoshoot. 

Family members are also allowed to participate in the pregnancy photoshoots. This results in really cute photography outcomes, especially when the father or siblings are involved. 

But the pregnancy experience does not end here. Once your beautiful newborn baby joins you, you will finally be united with the person that you will love the most in this life. Many women want these moments to last forever. A good way of always remembering these feelings is by doing a newborn photoshoot.  This kind of photoshoots will allow you to capture the first days of the life of your baby forever. Brenda Roqué’s studio is especially adapted for this kind of photo sessions, with quiet adapted environments full of natural light so you and your baby can have a relaxing experience. This studio works with different textures and fabrics, which creates really elegant photographs. 

The best time to do newborn photoshoots is when the baby is 5 to 15 days old, since it is easier to manipulate his position. 

Stimulating your kid

Raising your kid is a difficult task. One thing every parent means to achieve is making sure their kids are properly stimulated. Brain stimulation is important since an early age. 

On the first years of your kid walking the world, it is important to stimulate them by using colour and form games. This sort of games will help your baby’s brain develop on its early stages. However, parents of newborns usually have to attend their babies all day, and do not have the time to go outside and get the perfect toys for their baby.  A good option is to buy from China, since the toys tend to be more budget friendly while preserving all the characteristics you need for your kid early years. Times are adapting and online shopping has become an important tool for new parents. It is recommended to buy a big variety of toys so the baby does not become bored of the stimulus.

From ages 3 to 12, a new kind of games are recommended. Math games have proven to help the kid’s logical thinking developing. Studies show that kids who play this sort of games on a regular basis tend to perform better in school and be more organized than their peers. Math games can be easily accessed online, creating an interactive learning experience that can be reached by anyone. 

There are many kind of games that use math as their basis, from algebra to arithmetics or coordinates , so your kid will have a big repertoire to choose from to learn without getting bored.  Stimulating your kid in a fun way has never been easier.