How to use physiotherapy and pilates to speed up recovery after an injury
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How to use physiotherapy and pilates to speed up recovery after an injury

Staying fit and healthy is always important, and even more so as we get older. There are times when things in life, such as illness or injury can cause a drop in mobility that can feel like a mountain you will never climb to recover. 

Improving physical fitness can feel very tough. There will come a point where the medical treatment provided by your doctor is done, and now you must look to taking the rest of your recovery journey by yourself. Maybe you are still experiencing pain in movement, or you are no longer as flexible as before so it will be tough. 

This is especially true of soft tissue injuries or where you have been inactive for a long time. But you don’t have to do this alone. By turning to the right experts you can improve your fitness levels and reduce you daily pain and feel strong again. Here are some ways that might help

Physiotherapy can improve movement and strength

Getting back into exercise after a long time away from it can be tough. More so after a major life event, like injury or even childbirth for women where the body can change dramatically. A physiotherapist can help with this and will have a whole range of options and treatments at their disposal to start on your first step. 

Physiotherapy Dubai experts look to use a combination of treatments according to each person’s needs to treat the whole body. Finding someone who understands your personal requirements is very important, no two cases are the same. 

It maybe that massage, whether it is deep tissue or sports massage might be what you need. Or you may need assistance in mobilising your joints and stretching. You can also benefit from electrotherapy, dry needling and pelvic floor therapy. Using expert advice will help you speed up your recovery and give you a great sense of achievement, and they will be able to keep watch on how your body moves, avoid further injury and where you need it help you push yourself further. They difference a good physio can make to regaining flexibility and strength is amazing. 

Pilates can give you strength, movement and a feeling of freedom

When it comes to rebuilding strength and balance, then pilates reformer Dubai is a great option. It is a great way to gently improve your fitness from the very first session. You will see a marked difference in the first couple of weeks. 

Pilates is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, it can be adapted to your needs and you can push yourself as far as you are able to go. The exercise is designed to help build up core muscles and to help you develop lean muscle that can give the rest of your body support. 

The theory is that by using physical progressive conditioning you can restore balance and proper function to your joints and muscles. This is a whole body treatment which is especially effective when used for rehabilitation after an injury due to the low impact nature of the exercise. 

The slow gentle movements help you to understand better how the body moves and raise your self awareness so that you start to move in more controlled and balanced ways. This is as much a mental exercise as it is a physical one. It reinforces good habits and postures to prevent relapsing back into old ways of moving. 

Getting a balance between you body, you mind and how they work together is vitally important for recovery. It is really easy to start too, you just need to make your instructor aware of any mobility issue you are having so they can help you work through it together.