Oatmeal: a supercereal for the athlete’s diet

It’s not just the heritage of British gastronomy. We are talking about oats, an authentic superfood that has a long English nutritional tradition, but which in recent times, fortunately, has been extending its good reputation to our borders, and is known for its virtues for the athlete as a supercereal!

Oats provide us with proteins, slowly assimilated carbohydrates and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese and phosphorus. It is very rich in vitamin E and B vitamins, especially vitamin B1, which reduce anxiety and improve depressive states. It stimulates the thyroid gland and increases metabolism, so despite its caloric value we should not exclude it from our diet.

Helps balance cholesterol by its soluble fiber content

Reduces blood sugar levels, highly recommended in diabetes

Provides long-lasting energy for athletes

Prevents cardiovascular disease

It is digestive, facilitates intestinal transit and avoids constipation.

Helps to lose weight and control appetite by its satiating effect

Oat Betaglucans Boost Immune System

Improves the functioning of the nervous system

May help prevent some types of cancer

It is a vegetable source of calcium for bone health and proteins and amino acids.

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