Remedies for heartburn and stomach problems of athletes

This problem happens to cyclists as well as runners, swimmers and everyone who engages in high-intensity aerobic sport, but there are a number of tips that will help you eliminate this problem.

Avoid citrus fruits, both in juice and whole fruits before your training trip. Chocolate, strong spicy foods, carbonated and caffeinated drinks are not for you either.

Do not eat fat or protein during the two hours prior to your race or training.

While you exercise hydrate continuously, taking sips of water or energy drink every 15 minutes.

As far as energy drinks are concerned, avoid those that are highly concentrated in carbohydrates. If they have a high energy content, dilute them with water.

Try the trick of taking a tomato before going out for a sport that will give you an “antacid effect”.

Never run or train on a full stomach, leave at least two hours between the last important meal.

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