The best practical kitchen gadget to make cooking so much easier

For some cooking is  passion, for others it is a chore and simply necessary because you need to eat to survive. Either way it can be made so much more easier and enjoyable with the right tools.

There are some great gadgets out there on sites like, that can solve virtually any kitchen dilemma or irritating chore. That way you can concentrate on making your culinary masterpiece and getting to the good bit – the eating. Here are some suggestions of things you need right now for your kitchen.

Storage saver hooks for spice jars

If like most people your spice jars are thrown into a cupboard with everything else, and half the time you have no idea what is in there (is that rosemary or thyme?) then these are for you.

They fit easily to the inside of a cupboard door, and the spice bottles – or any bottle of a similar size – clip in and out as you need them. You can see everything you have and get to it easily, without wasting lots of space in the pantry.

Herb cutting scissors for adding the best flavours

These are kitchen scissors with a difference. It makes cutting herbs so much faster and easier – especially if your professional knife skills are non-existent. Used like a completely normal pair of scissors, these herb scissors actually have five blades allowing you to finely trim the herbs down. They also work just as well on mushrooms, onions and scallions and other foods that you want cut very finely. No knives, not chopping boards, just perfectly fine garnish every time. Cleaning is super easy too with the included cover that has a slatted end that can slip between the blades to remove any leftovers.

Strainer tongs for fishing food out of oil or water

So we all know what tongs are, and we have all chased food round and round a sauce pan or deep frying trying to fish it out without causing a mess or burning ourselves.

Well some absolute genius has had the thought of combining the two tools into one, allowing you to catch the thing, then allow the water or oil to strain away through the strainer. It is amazing how something so simple can make such a difference.

No more flying fish scales

If you are a fan of fish, it is always tempting to buy a whole one, but the truth is the preparation – if you are not getting the fishmonger to do it for you, or have caught it yourself – is such a pain it’s almost not worth the trouble.

Well here is something that can help with that – the hand held fish scraper with lid. You just drag it over the fish skin and all the scales that come off ping into lid part rather than all over the kitchen. Much easier to clean up afterwards.

Bash together ingredients in a mini chopper

This is absolutely perfect for fine chopping things like garlic with having to put up with smell of garlic on your hands for hours afterwards, and it is a lot cheaper and takes up less cupboard space than a normal blender.

You simply throw all your ingredients in, pop the lid on and bash it till everything is cut down and mixed fine. Great for pulversing fruit too, and more than a little therapeutic for any pent up aggression you have gathered throughout the day!  

Save space on the hob with a stackable steamer

Rather than a steamer machine, it is much easier and cheaper to get stacking saucepans instead. It is far more efficient and is a healthy way of cooking all types of meat and vegetables. It uses far less water, and you can cook several things at once saving energy and space on the hob. As an added bonus the texture of the food afterwards is far nicer without it swimming in water on the plate.