Venezuela Announces Full Electricity Restoration and Labor Resumption

The Venezuelan government announced on Wednesday that it has fully restored electricity service in the country and that 80% of the territory already receives drinking water, after the blackout last Thursday, so it will resume work activities that were suspended since Friday.

The Minister of Communication, Jorge Rodriguez, has said that today “is completely restored 100% of electricity service nationwide,” after recognizing that there are some areas with failures related to what the government considers “local sabotage” that are already being addressed.

Through the state channel VTV, the minister has indicated that exceptionally school activities will continue suspended 24 hours more but the days throughout the public and private sector will resume this Thursday after they were suspended in the previous four working days.

In addition, he stated that it is working “almost perfectly the resumption of all pumping mechanisms (…) and at this time 80% of the national territory is already receiving drinking water.

New military exercises
The minister has also announced the launch of new military exercises, common in Venezuela, for this weekend as an “integral action for the protection of the people and the strategic services of the nation.

These maneuvers seek the “integral protection of our entire National Electric System (SEN) and our water system,” said the minister, reiterating the government version that accuses the United States and local opposition for the blackout.

In addition, its objective is “to prevent the recurrence in the future of new criminal attacks by the terrorism of the Venezuelan ultra-right and its owners in the administration of the U.S. government,” said Rodriguez.

The exercises, he explained, will involve the deployment of the Venezuelan military force “around the country’s 114 electric service stations” to undertake a strategic process to protect those facilities.

The deployment of military commanders, troops and members of the Militia, a corps of civilians – annexed to the Armed Forces – and loyal to the Bolivarian revolution, will also be done in “all water service delivery systems”.

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